Monday, October 13, 2014

Nice idea, horrifiic consequences for public health. Nobodies ears open?

Criminalization of the ill in Florida
An insider peek at what happens when politics dictate science.
Two plus two may equal four, but what happens if the number four stands for the devil or something altogether popularly inherently evil?  Well, then two plus two equals three, and many cars run out of fuel on the highway!  Nevertheless, as much as we all love analogies in journalism let us talk about a serious issue affecting a countless American  on the edge of an issue destroying our civilization, their lives, their families, even their neighborhoods.  Drugs.

You see, Florida, like many states thought if if could shut down the producer, or supplier, the problems would go away!  (In the public’s eyes, truth is ,they don’t want it to go away, because of all the federal money they get to fight it, with it having no effect, plus, all the seizures they are allowed from it!)  Again, Digress.  Apologies to all.  They went through Medical Examiner Reports (coroner) and decided to any people were doing and dying of OxyContin (brand name)  Oxycodone is the generic name, included in everything from tablets by themselves, to mixed with acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or aspirin.  The trust is, Pain Management trained Specialists like using them because they are not as sedating at other opioids are!  Anyone that has been to the dentist and taken one of those “Dentist” pills knows what I am talking about.  Therefore, If you have a chronic Severe Pain Problem, that’s 24/7/356 or close to it, well, that’s just a godsend!

Well, Florida did successfully shut down many doctors’ practices that were less than model.  (I would not go there and trust my life to them!)  Nevertheless, there was an unforeseen consequence.  As the legal drugs were cut off. In addition, there was no affordable medical detoxification rehabilitation facility, those addicted, or those who could not find new doctor  just went to Heroin, and for a price comparison of around one  dollars a month, depending on the dosage your currently titrated too!  (Of course your funding terrorism and war on our southern border instead of doctors and pharmaceuticals companies here in the USA?!)  Its sort of just like not having insurance, just affordable.  The bad thing is that most Heroin Users and or Addicts escalate to using syringes.  This escalates to sharing.  Health wise extremely dangerous in many ways!   So the State of Florida, has just created a gigantic public health emergency in relation to Hepatitis C and HIV-1 New Infections.  Sadly, It will not stick to just Florida.

October 13, 2014

The Most Reverend David Erik Emison

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